Rosemary Hair Shampoo Bar

This is a nourishing detergent free solid shampoo to be used as you would a liquid shampoo, except you rub the bar over your wet hair and lather up. It is rich in Castor Oil and Sweet Almond Oil for your hair's health. Sulphate Free.

This shampoo provides a wonderful alternative to using shampoo provided in a plastic bottle, as you have nothing to throw away or recycle at the end of the product life.

Large Soap (approx. 100g):

$8.50 or 3 for $24.00

Medium Soap (approx. 50g):

$4.50 or 3 for $12.50

"Love my Rosemary hair shampoo bars... My hair feels and looks better and it's so amazing to see how many bottles I don't use or buy any more !! Thanks heaps for making it so much easier for me to say no to plastic and all those nasty chemicals and yes to more healthier and better shampoo bars

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Price: from $4.50

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