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  • About Jeymar Soap & Body

  • We are a family owned and operated business by the Wairau River in beautiful rural Marlborough, located at the top of the South Island.

    Our business is run from premises on our five-acre home property, and we are fortunate to live in New Zealand's largest and premier wine growing region.

    Jeymar Soap & Body was set up in early 1998 around the time of the arrival of our two children. In those early days everything was done in the home kitchen but, over the years, we have progressed from there to a special manufacturing facility plus a shop on the property.

    Richard is the Chief of the local Volunteer Fire Brigade, and is also a Justice of the Peace. Jenny enjoys drawing (her art can be purchased through this website), and is involved with Blenheim Choral as a member and Secretary. She also volunteers on the Board of Trustees of the Wairau Valley Peace Memorial Hall.

    On our small block we also run free-range chickens and a few organic cattle.

  • Our Mission:

    To run a profitable business that creates a unique, natural, environmentally friendly superior quality body and bathing experience for our customers that gives them delight.

  • Our Environmental Practices:

    Soap Production Facility At Jeymar Soap And Body In Marlborough NZ
    • We are totally self-sufficient in hot water, using both solar and wetback from a log burner. This runs both the house and business. We have a large PV solar array to generate electricity, any excess being sold back to the grid.
    • All heating is done from wood which is sourced within a few km of our base, from locally grown trees (sustainably managed), so is carbon neutral.
    • All soap wastage and trimmings are re-used as laundry detergent.
    • We have virtually no discharge to water, any discharge (e.g. rinsing equipment) is managed by our own waste management plant on the property.
    • Zero discharge to atmosphere.
    • All of our packaging e.g. boxes, shredded paper, other filling material is re-used, we have local businesses collecting their unwanted boxes and tissue which we use to fill with our orders.
    • Where we use courier bags, we use 100% recycled and recyclable/compostable bags.
    • An unofficial measure of our carbon footprint for the house and business combined is approximately half the size of our property (this includes livestock, pets and vehicles).
    • Waste and rubbish – we produce only one council rubbish bag every 2-3 weeks from the house and business which consists mainly of non-recyclable plastics (all recyclable plastic, glass and metal gets sorted for recycling).
    • All food waste goes to hens, cattle and compost.
    • The majority of the bottles that we use for our liquid products are NZ made, and are made from recycled plastic.
  • We are thrilled to have found Jeymar Soap & Body.

    Our guests have nothing but high praise for the extensive range of Jeymar products we offer them during their stay. The smells are heavenly, they look expensive and our guests cannot get enough of them.

    Thank you Jenny and Richard, your service is amazing. It is wonderful to finally find something that is so exceptionally high in quality.

    Jo and Steve Hill, Hillsfield House, Renwick, Marlborough.

  • I know of your product from a stay at The Village Lake Apartments in Hanmer Springs. I have used the little comlimentary bottle (that I brought home with me from my stay) on my baby’s hair. It is all I have used for her since she was born, I have four daughters and she is the only one who has not developed cradle cap! I’m very sure that it is because of your product.

    So a BIG thank you! What a great shampoo you’ve made! (and that tiny 65ml bottle has lasted me 4 months! It lathers so well!)

    Rachel, Te Puke

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    Jeymar has an extensive range of products, the full range of which is only available at one place – the Jeymar Soap Shop.

    We often have on hand our various experiments and trials and we’re always happy to explain the process to you if you like.

    Time it right and you can experience the final stages of the soap making process – the cutting into bars.

    Unless you're passing anyway, it pays to ring us before dropping by just to make sure we'll be open when you want to come – as we might be in town delivering parcels.

    Look forward to seeing you!

    Location: 33 Church Lane, Wairau Valley 7271, Marlborough
    Phone: 03 572 2547
    Email: soap@jeymar.co.nz

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